When we began rescuing animals in July of 2016, we took in only a handful of dogs and we were petrified. We learnt as we went, and with each case came new experience. Our numbers quickly increased, as the vast amount of dogs in need came apparent. It also immediately became obvious to us that this is what we want to do long term, as a team. With over 2,000 animals having come through our rescue, and with more followers, volunteers and partnership rescues supporting our efforts, we want this year to see even more animals finding safety, receiving treatment and getting their well deserving and overdue happily ever afters.

Our Safehouse is located in Harbin, China. As there are no legislative protections in place for animals in this country, we dedicate our efforts to rescuing animals from the Meat Trade (along with local abuse, neglect and abandonment cases). With the help of our amazing flight volunteers and Partner Rescues, our survivors are able to leave China and find loving forever homes all over the world.

Please note:
We are not affiliated with any outside rescue groups or organizations, with the exception our partner rescues; see full list on our Adoptions Page.




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