T H E   S A F E H O U S E

In the Spring of 2018 we decided to dedicate our efforts towards opening up a Safehouse for our rescues here in Harbin. Because of lack of space and fosters, and the need to quarantine or prevent exposure to infectious diseases like CDV / CPV, we've had to constantly move our dogs to different boarding locations around the city. As we take on more and more rescues, this is not sustainable, and the Safehouse is the answer to many of our challenges!

The property we've chosen, which we are currently renovating, will provide so many incredible opportunities. The Safehouse serves as a designated environment for our rescues to receive clinical care (vaccinations, spay/neuter, medical assistance). The property is quite large with plenty of space, so all of our dogs will enjoy comfortable accommodations along with areas to run, play and socialize with each other (and us humans). We will also have a 'cattery' for our feline rescues! The Safehouse acts as a controlled environment for us (and our volunteers) to provide healing and foster trust, as most of these dogs and cats are in need of physical and/or emotional rehabilitation.  In order to prepare them for their future forever homes all over the world, it is crucial that we provide them with as much kindness, patience and loving care before they make their long journeys out of China.

Are you interested in volunteering and helping us at the Safehouse?
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Although we are still knee-deep (literally) in renovations, we've already begun bringing quite a few dogs to the certain parts of the buildings that are updated or comfortable for the dogs. As space is limited in Harbin, (and we have Yulin meat truck rescues coming soon), we've made the decision to start slowly moving our rescues over, especially some of the bigger dogs who need more space to run around and play! As of now, we've installed underground drainage, radiators (for the upcoming crazy cold winters) along with very necessary soundproofing. Also on our to-do list: fixtures, cattery, penned areas, living space for security and possibly for volunteers...the list goes on! Speaking of volunteers, we've had some amazing volunteers come out and help at the Safehouse during this transitional time.

Assisting at the Safehouse is one of the many ways you make a real difference in the rescues' (and our) lives.
It's a deeply rewarding experience for everyone involved and we're so grateful for their kindness and dedication. Below is a compilation of images from our volunteers, sharing their experience.
We hope that in the future you can add your images below too!